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Programmatic Display & Video Advertising That Packs A Punch.

Work with programmatic display and video advertising agency TBD.Media and world leading demand side platforms, to take your programmatic display to another level. We'll demystify the nuances of buying display media and keep it simple, using first party data as the core of our advertising strategy.

What Is Programmatic Display & Video Advertising?

Programmatic display or video advertising put simply, means the ability to buy space on a website or app dedicated to static images, animated HTML5 or gif images, or video pre-roll or mid stream adverts. Primarily, image ads are located in prominent areas of a website and usually in the format of a medium rectangle, half page banners, skyscraper vertical ads, small or large billboards, or full page interstitial ads usually placed on in-app placements. In most instances, programmatic display and/or video is bought via real time bidding in an auction process, where a media buyer purchases space on a website or app

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