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Digital Out Of Home Advertising, or DOOH Advertising for short, is getting bigger by the day and at TBD.Media, we understand the need for brands to be front-and-centre when it comes to prominent, high footfall awareness based digital out of home, vs tactical digital billboards, designed to target specific people at specific times.

Digital Outdoor Advertising Solutions

If you live in most highly populated areas of the world these days, you can’t move for digital out of home billboards, they’re everywhere. From the smaller scale boards such as screens at gas stations, medium scale transit hub signs across transport networks with digital ads across stations and platforms, then large digital billboards at major pedestrian intersections, there’s usually a solution to cater for most advertisers. Due to the increase in digital ads bought programmatically and in real time, DOOH advertising also doesn’t need to break the bank when it comes to your marketing budget.

There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing what type of digital outdoor advertising you need:

  • Who are your customers? – Determining who this is and who you want them to be needs to align with your DOOH strategy. If your customers only live in one geographic location and there’s no reason to move outside of this area in the immediate term, then it makes sense to stay where you are and gain market share by utilising a digital out of home strategy

Global outdoor advertising expected to reach a market value of $38 billion by 2032

Compared with a market value of $23.9 billion in 2022 which is largely driven by Digital Out Of Home Advertising.

Allied Market Research

  • What do you want out of DOOH advertising? Thinking about your ideal customer, what is it that you want to achieve by advertising outside, it might be additional brand recall, an increase in organic traffic in the area you are advertising in, or it might be to get in front of potential customers in a large scale as part of a larger marketing strategy
  • Budget vs Impact – Thinking about how much budget you have will force you to evaluate your DOOH strategy, for example spending all of your budget in Times Square might not be the best use of your DOOH budget vs consistency advertising in the New York Subway
  • Evaluating success – What does success mean to you when it comes to advertising outdoor digitally? It might be that you want users to interact directly with an outdoor board, or you may want to see an increase in organic and direct website visitors generally, or specifically in a city where your ads where most seen. Or simply it could be for PR and public perception, whatever the reason, have this clearly defined when it comes to measuring what success looks like

Targeting That Matters: Beyond the Billboard

Working with TBD.Media, and one of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated demand side platforms, we’ll work with you to come up with a strategy targeting the right people, at the right time, in the right place. The variations in placements now means the DOOH is becoming more tactical than ever, from large billboard ads on the side of highways, to smaller scale digital signage in specific locations such as transit hubs, sports or retail venues, to entertainment settings.

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Strategic Insights and Analytics

As a digital agency, we see every day the impact of large scale awareness based digital advertising has on performance channels. Our goal is to take your plan and build meaningful and realistic goals off the back of a targeted and sophisticated plan, we don’t just offer advertising channels; we provide insights. Using our expertise in digital ooh, and online advertising to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our team uses third-party data and brand studies to tailor strategies that align with your objectives, ensuring each ad specifically addresses your goals.

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