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Reach Your Brand’s Potential With Connected TV (CTV) Advertising.

Connected TV (CTV) Advertising is one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels, and with the help of TBD.Media, a leading digital advertising and media buying agency, and world class technology, you'll be hitting your audience with precision and scale in no time at all.

Your Connected TV Agency

At TBD.Media, we’ve been running CTV campaigns for a number of years, and we’ve seen it grow from a niche channel only reserved for select advertisers, to a cost-effective way of communicating to a mass audience, but with the precise targeting methodology that our in-house demand-side-platform delivers.

We’re of the belief that everything should be measured, so we’ll align with you on your goals pre-campaign, advise on the pitfalls, and come up with a strategy that aims to grow your brand equity. We’ve got great relationships with connected TV supply networks around the world, so growing a brand to a mass audience has never been easier.

Defining Your Connected TV Campaign

Choosing a digital agency to run your connected TV advertising, can be tough, it needs both parties to work together and find common ground in terms of goals and outcomes, otherwise, this means wasted time, advertising spend, and energy. Our paid media team will work with you from the start to define and devise a plan that works for everyone:

  • Define the target audience – This means understand who is the best person to watch your ad on a smart TV or device, where do they live, how old are they, and what are their behavioural traits. That gives us the ability to target precisely through third party audiences, or lookalikes of existing customers
  • What type of content do they watch? This will determine which networks are right for your audience, for example sports, entertainment, news & current affairs and so on. This might mean targeting specific channels, or a broad set of channels with an audience targeting overlay
  • What are the outcomes we want to achieve – This might mean an uptake in search queries on certain devices, an increase in general overall traffic, or simply the ability to reach a broad range of people at the lowest possible cost. We’ll work with you to define these outcomes, and collectively come up with a plan
  • Monitoring & Reporting – Once live, the work doesn’t stop, we’ll analyse the performance regularly and report on the performance according to our plan. We’ll advise on network, audience and creative performance, along with recommendations on adjustments as the campaign moves out of the learning phase





Connected TV (CTV) advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for reaching highly engaged audiences. Unlike traditional television, CTV leverages internet-connected devices, allowing advertisers to deliver dynamic, targeted ads to viewers streaming content on platforms like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices. This innovative approach combines the broad reach of television with the precision of digital marketing, ensuring your brand connects with the right audience at the right time. Approximately 90% of homes in North America now own some form of a smart TV, with a growing need for connectivity and the rise in streaming services., behind the growth in recent years.

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Reach your audience quicker and at a greater scale, whilst maintaining targeting precision, and in a cost effective way.

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